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Now back to this short and sweet rant …..I mean blog


Take a minute and write down your goal


Now write down the reason why this is your goal.


This is a question we ask our clients all of the time, the general response is  I want to lose weight or I want to feel fitter.


Yet 6 weeks later excuses start to slip in and the focus fades away,


Which brings me back to the title “Is your goal actually your goal?”


In my opinion if it is, then you should not be making excuses or losing focus and yes I understand that life can get in the way.


But, you turn up to work every day because your committed and know that if you don’t you may face the sack.

You’re committed to paying your bills or climbing the career ladder.

This is all because there is a consequence if you do not achieve the objective


But losing a few pounds is a way to hard to stick too, due to the consequence not being important to you.


It’s ok to maintain if you have a lot going off in your life , but just don’t make the excuses .


Instead of following the crowd and saying I want to lose weight and become leaner , which by the are all negative goals i.e losing weight and losing body fat.


Focus more on…


  • I want to improve my health by doing some form of exercise everyday
  • I want to become stronger and leaner by lifting weights 4 x per week
  • All of which will all lead to the same outcome , weight loss and a leaner body.


3 types of positive goals:


1.Lifestyle Improvement – This can range from standing up more at work —- No phone an hour before bedtime to lower your stress levels.

2.Physical Improvement – This could be 10 full press ups , run a marathon or plank for 1 minute. Everything in this category will always add up to looking better naked anyway J

3.Health Improvement – This is the most underrated goal until you begin to have our health taken away from us. Prevention is always the best cure.

Focus on what you are putting in your body and what your exposing your body too.

For example alcohol consumption or late night early mornings (burning the candle at both ends )


Even if your main goal is weight loss I guarantee you will maintain your focus more if you use these methods above.

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