“I have no idea what I’m doing”


Hands up anyone who’s ever said this.

Yep, thought so, me too! 


This is exactly how most people feel when they enter a gym for the first time. 

January is the most common time for people to start a new gym membership. They’re excited, it’s shiny and new, this is going to be their year… and in the blink of an eye it’s over. 


The excitement wears off quickly, the equipment becomes dull and boring, the room becomes an overwhelming void of confusion and despair! 


February therefore is unfortunately the most common time of year for people to quit the gym! 


Sound familiar?


DO NOT FEAR! We’re here to help! 


The big difference between our personal training studio and those big box gyms on the high street is we understand.


We know how hard it can be to keep motivated when those rose tinted glasses slip down your sweaty nose during your first class. We understand how easy it is to say f*ck this, I’m out. 


We love nothing more than being able to help those who need guidance, those who feel lost, intimidated and confused by all the big equipment and machines. 

We keep things simple, we work with you, we WANT you to succeed!


Trust me. I personally had a similar experience. I’ve been in your shoes, I understand! 


I struggled with self-confidence, I didn’t love how I looked or felt and I often assumed that everybody around me was judging me the whole time. I felt like I was subjecting myself to torture!


I thought maybe I need to somehow get in shape BEFORE I join the gym so I don’t look ridiculous.  

Well you know what was ridiculous? That thought! You go to the gym TO get in shape!


I had no clue what I was doing and couldn’t tell a dumbbell from a deadlift. I was scared and alone. But joining rb5 set me on a path that changed everything – I’m now dedicating my life to helping people NOT get intimidated when beginning their fitness journey. 


I formed completely new healthy habits, I found consistency and accepted accountability. 

Now here I am telling YOU how this story could be yours!


You can do this! 


We all have to start somewhere; let us help you make your ‘one day’ into your ‘day one’!

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