Distraction. Distractions.Distractions


They are all around…


  • Social media
  • Colleagues
  • Boxsets


The list goes on…


Distractions can be a good thing at times distracting us from the boring parts of the day,

However, when it comes down to health and fitness this can be disastrous.


The health and fitness industry can be a very weird place,

One minute the experts are telling you, you must lift really heavy weights, the next its all about HIIT training and handstands.


And normally you will just go along with whatever the trend is or whatever celebrity crush you have is doing (especially at Christmas time when the workout DVDs come out)


Before you know it 6 months have gone by and you are not even close to “The Body” that you want.


All because you got distracted and went along with the trend or what your friends are doing.


And to be honest you probably didn’t want it enough anyway.

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This comes back to your WHY !


WHY did you first start your training?


WHY did you want to change in the first place?


WHY haven’t you changed?


The number 1 reason why 7 out of 10 people who start a gym program to lose weight NEVER achieve the body that they want is down to distractions.


Distractions only occur when we don’t really want something bad enough and even worse we start to make excuses.


When you first start your weight loss or fat loss program, you need to be very specific in the time frame that you will be working towards this goal.


Date, how many weeks and more importantly can you commit to the work effort that is needed to hit your target?

It has been proven time and time again, we as humans are terrible at waiting for things we want everything yesterday.


And we tend to always be searching for the newest app that sells you the dream of hitting your goals by requiring you to input your activity and food everyday.


And after 2-3 weeks is focus starts to slip and you forget to log things for a few days.

Other shiny apps/technology that all of your friends and colleagues are saying have you tried this, its amazing you should try it.


The NEW thing starts to draw our attention and you give up with your original plan.


This is the reason why you keep failing


This is the reason why you are unhappy when you look yourself in the mirror.


Stop searching for the magic app or pill


Start focusing purely on your original goal


Take responsibility and accept that changing your body shape and how you feel about yourself will take time and can be difficult, but most importantly requires patience.


Constantly reassess your progress every single week, Plan and reassess on a Sunday


What do I mean by this?


  • Have an activity log (app or paper) and stick to this method do not swap and change
  • Start with answering these questions,


  1. Did I hit my workout goals for the week? (number of workouts or fitness specific)
  2. Did I hit my nutritional goal for the week? (protein intake, veg etc)
  3. Did I hit my lifestyle goal for the week? (sleep, water intake, daily activity etc)



Reviewing and planning regularly is essential to your success. This is the exact method we use with our personal training clients in our Nottingham studio.


All of these little goals should add up to your BIG goal, but break it down into manageable chunks otherwise, it can seem so daunting.


Think of it like saving money , if you want to save £10,000 for a deposit on a house, the majority of people will not achieve this quickly, but you break it down by saving £200 , and over the months this adds up to 1000’s of pounds


This sounds very basic (and it is) but nobody seems to ever do it because it is so basic.


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