Fitness Programs

Group Fitness

While other group classes leave you out of place and lost as it usually involves all sorts of people with different fitness levels, our Group Classes are planned and structured to each one’s fitness needs and goals. We also make sure that each client gets the assistance and guidance they need that is why we maintain a 15 to 1 Client to Trainer ratio so you do not have to fight for his attention.

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Personal Training

For those who are ready to commit to a long-lasting and life-changing results,
our Nottingham Personal Training is designed for you. Guiding you through this process are our professional Personal Trainers, who will make sure that you will achieve all of your goals and maybe even more than you could ever hope for.

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Personal Fitness Programs in Nottingham

You never have to worry about a training program not working out for you.

At RB5, we do things that fit your own personal fitness goals. These programs are created specifically for you.

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Fitness Programs for Men

We understand how frustrating not being able to do what you used to be able to do. Work and family life have taken over any spare time you used to have to workout or play your favorite sport.

Like anything when we get older we have to adapt our lifestyle and workouts to work around injuries and our schedules.

So How Can I Get In/Back In Shape?

There’s not just one, but there are a variety of exercises you can do to wake up your muscles and burn more fat.

And you need to realise that exercises involve multiple muscles and multi-joint movements to help increase your size and strength.

Our personal trainers will aid you on the right workouts or exercise.

How can Rb5 Personal Training Help?

• Accountability and forward planning
• A Personalized program to work around your likes, dislikes and injuries.
• Diet ! Yes, we will need to deep dive into your eating habits, but know you like a pint. This can be factored into your diet, so you can still enjoy a sociable lifestyle

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Fitness Programs for Women

Fitness Training for Women Nottingham

Does it seem like you have been on a diet all of your life and no matter how much you train you never achieve the body you want?

You may be working out 0 times per week and following a slimming club of some form, but the weight loss has plateaued or you are attending the gym 3+ times per week and doing exercise classes back to back and STILL not seeing the results you want.

You’re Not Alone!

This is the biggest frustration all of our clients when they first start their fitness program.

How can Rb5 Personal Training help?

  • Accountability and forward planning
  • A Personalized program to work around your likes, dislikes and injuries.
  • Diet! Yes, we will need to deep dive into your eating habits and teach you how to build your diet around your exercise, social life and goals.
  • Show you the fastest way to torch those pounds and accelerate your results.

Fitness Trainings in Nottingham

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The heart of RB5 is our training programs. We take pride that each client is given the best workout plan that is designed for each individual’s needs and goals.

What is the best workout program?

There is no cookie-cutter program for everyone. At RB5, each client is assessed and goals are set and from there the best workout program will be created just for you.

How should a beginner start working out?

With the supervision and input from our fitness experts, beginners will be guided through a workout routine that is designed according to their fitness level. You will be starting off with an easy routine, which will gradually build up in intensity as your fitness capacity also increases through regular practice.

When will I start seeing results?

Your body does not show immediate results. In the ideal world,  you should be losing weight after an hour at the gym. That’s not how a human body works. You can’t expect to have toned muscles after a week of working out. But one thing is certain: If you work hard for the goals you set, follow the proper nutrition and workout regularly, results will become obvious.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days a week should I workout?

Both beginners and also more advanced athletes will see the tremendous benefits of working out 3 to 4 times a week.

But what’s important is to make sure that you schedule a rest day between these sessions, which means you should have at least one day off after two consecutive days of strength training.

How do you plan a workout routine for beginners?

Focus on full body workouts 2-3 times per week. The limiting factor for every beginner is to form positive habits with exercise.
Ensure that your program is achievable when life gets crazy.

Is it ok to exercise every day?

It’s not bad to work out daily especially when you want to slim down. However, doing the same sets of routines at the same intensity or duration every day may not work, wherein you’ll reach the level called the “weight loss plateau.”

What should be included in a fitness plan?

Mobility, Strength Training, and Cardio.
Unless you have a performance goal such as running a marathon included all of the above in every session.

Can I lose weight within 30 days?

Yes, but ….

This shouldn’t be the only focus. Weight loss is great, but people always want more.
The faster the weight loss the faster the potential of rebounding back to where you started from.
A good target if weight loss is the goal is no more than 2ilbs a week

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