Junk Miles = Rubbish Miles Part 2

For part 1 and a recap click here

3.Junk Miles – Pointless miles to just run further each week for longer races is another old school method that isn’t needed , see I understand that running the race distance has great psychological benefits for mental toughness and confidence but repeatedly pounding the pavement with a dodgy knee is like building a house with poor foundations, it takes time sometimes years to condition your body to be able to cope with this amount of repetitive movements.(Continuous training not dropping in out of it )

Try splitting up the mileage over the week , say the goal is to build up to a half marathon

Week 1Run1 – 5 miles steady pace Run 2 – 3 miles intervals or tempo

Total mileage = 8 miles.

Week 2Run 1 – 3miles interval or tempo Run 2 – 3 Mile interval or tempo Run 3 – 2mile best effort (record your time)

Total Mileage = 8 miles

Week 3 – Increase Total mileage to 10 miles

Notice how in week 1 and 2 you run 8 miles in total but with 2 different training weeks? This will allow your body time to adapt to a comfortable running style but most importantly improve your fluidity and pace due to not plodding away and grinding out the miles.

The best thing about interval training and tempos is that this can improve our aerobic capacity as well meaning we can do activities for longer without stopping, its all about quality not quantity.

Speed work = PB’s and less injuries

4.Get Stronger ! – Getting stronger doesent mean getting bulky or spending hours in the gym , but 1 hour a week working on core stability,roatation and glute and hamstring work will not only make your running moe enjoyable but will eliminate niggles when running.

Think of it like this running for 5 miles is fine if your fresh and are not tired but when you begin to tire certain muscles that have been working harder than others will begin to shut down due to weakness,gaining strength in key areas of your body can help stop your knee for dropping in or going from a bolt upright posture to a poor leant over position.

All these things contribute to little problems that eventually lead to big problems and if your knee is dropping in when you run its not a matter of if but when you will have IT band issues or knee,hip and back pain.

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