Junk Miles = Rubbish Miles

It’s that time of year again in Nottingham where people start thinking about venturing outside and taking up running, most people take this up through habit or are inspired by the London marathon. Memories of last years injuries and the pain at mile 10 are forgotten and all we can remember is how good we felt at the finish line , But building up the miles over the weeks, pounding the streets weeks after week and getting niggles in your hips, knees and backs doesn’t have to be the case , still most runners continue the same process time and time again

Now I’m not an endurance or running hater I actually LOVE this type of exercise and taking part in races myself, there is nothing better than feeling the endorphins and the hot sweaty feeling of a 10k or 10miler. So I want to share with you some essential running strategies that will ensure that this year you will stay injury free and get PB’s in your half marathon.


Most runners and endurance junkies will tend to be doing the old quad stretches and hamstring stretches which you learned in your warm up routine in PE 15 years ago, times have changed!! Static stretching or holding a stretch has been proven to actually shut down the muscles that are required for running and do not prepare you for the movement you are about to do, so try these Mobility Drills 1

Wake up body!

Sitting down at a desk all-day and lets face it we are not athletes and we have normal lives to lead, so we do spend a lot of our lives sat down which in turn shuts down certain muscles. (check out our muscle activation blog for more info).

Including running drills as part of your warm up are essential to allow your body to work for a prolonged period of time preparing them ready for movement, but most importantly increases the neurological response from the muscles to your brain to fire quicker. See the longer our foot stays connected to the ground the slower you run as the momentum and force is absorbed by the ground and most importantly your body (too much force = Injuries) what we want is minimal contact and forward moving momentum and a longer stride pattern.


Take a look at an elite athletes running style/technique (open chest, upright posture, big heal kick) compare this to the average joe blogs who plods around with a short stride pattern, bent over posture and poor heal kick. The big essential muscles that are required to work when we are running such as the hamstrings, glutes and hips just are not utilised enough, so instead we overuse the weaker muscles that are not designed to work for a prolonged and aggressive exercise. Joint pain is your body telling you that it isn’t working correctly for 5k you can get away with it, same with 10k, but 8,10, half marathons etc your body will be sure to make you suffer. Do this to reinforce good running technique and stride pattern.

Check out 2 easy running drills here

Look out for the next tips to make your running season the best yet.

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