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Exercise buffs often say “No pain, no gain” as a way to motivate themselves.

The term often connotes that the rewards of regular exercise outweigh the painful process one must cross in order to reach it.

Even though pain is part of the rigorous exercise process, prolonged pain in the joints and muscles is another matter.

Pain could also mean a lack of mobility.

Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily. If a person experiences pain after a tedious workout, it could mean that their joints have not reached its full range of motion and could lead to an increased risk of injury.

A failure to address mobility issues during exercise could lead to long-term injuries.

Pain and discomfort for not doing mobility exercise could also lead to people no longer getting interested in working out.

But improving mobility is not only for exercise buffs and athletes.

It’s also for ordinary people who just want to stay healthy and pain-free.

Even for five to 10 minutes’ worth of mobility exercises and stretching could really mean a lot of difference to a person’s daily workout regime.

Watch this 10-minute mobility exercises…

5 reasons why mobility exercises are important in every workout:

1. A free joint is a happy joint.

Mobility exercises provide that extra grease to the joints and allow full range of movement without the risk of injury or pain. It can alleviate the pain accompanying strenuous exercise and also makes your body more aware of itself.

2.Increases flexibility.

Though mobility is not the same concept as flexibility, they often work together to improve your agility. Simple mobility exercises such as stretching muscles and joints work wonders for one’s flexibility.

3. Keeps the body feeling younger.

Even though our joints become stiffer and less responsive as we age, mobility exercises often slow its aging process. A 2017 study conducted by the Tufts University in Boston found that improvements were seen in 70-to-90-year-olds who added some mobility exercises to their weekly routines within two years.

4. Keeps post-workout pain out and good vibes in.

Mobility exercises can be low intensity and help in curing high-intensity workout pain. It also helps in relieving stress and calms the nerves.

5. Keeps your doctor away.

Ailments such as back or knee pain, and even arthritis, can be alleviated through mobility exercises. During mobility exercises, the joint being exercised is in a state of “warming up,” in which blood moves to the joint’s surrounding tissues. This also promotes the movement of synovial fluid which helps reduce friction between the joints.

It’s never too late to apply mobility exercises into your workout.  Spending a few minutes in order to limber one’s self could do wonders in the long term.

Mobility exercises should be an important part of your workout, whether you are an athlete or just to improve your health. But always remember to know your limits and never overstretch. You are not joining a stretching competition but improving your joints’ overall efficiency and movement.



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