5 ways to assess your progress

  1. Before/After Pictures

These pictures are for you not your Facebook profile. Ensure your wear the same clothing with the same lighting and show as much skin as possible, how else are you going to see the difference in your problem areas.

  1. Measurements

Take 5 key measurements chest, waist, hip, leg and arm with a tape measure, this is much more accurate than the scales in terms of toning up and changing shape.

  1. Bodyfat

This is usually done by take by using some form of body fat caliper this can be very invasive but can give us an understanding of what areas need to be worked on. Try and stay away from the scales version of body fat as these are very inaccurate.

  1. Scales aka the sad step

A scale is important but does not give you the entire picture. 3 people all weighing 13 stone can look completely different. The most important instruction for weighing yourself is pick the same time of day, use the same scales (as each one varies) and most importantly do not weight your self everyday.

  1. Fitness Test/Strength Test

Pick something physical that you want to work on, this can be some form of a distance in running or cycling. Strength gains are an awesome way of seeing your body change, for example a squat, record your current maximum repetitions in 1 minute and then aim to beat it with your training plan.     To be successful use all 5 of these methods

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