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Do not be surprised when your personal trainer will tell you “Stop looking at the scales.”

When you are working out and when you are going for a certain goal, sometimes it’s second nature to just take a peak at the scales to see if you are on the right track.

We get it, you need to be kept up to date with how your fitness journey is going.

However, in more cases than none, it will only cause frustration and maybe even depression if your goals are not met.

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Let me be clear, the scales are not the devil. You also need to know your weight so you can objectively weigh out your progress and assess from there where you should go next in your fitness plan.

And while they are still important to measure your progress, it should not be the be all and end all in measuring your progress.

You see, the results on the scale will fluctuate and the tendency is you will panic. And it should not be the case because there are many factors why the number frequently changes: Is it the time of the month? That will make you gain weight. Have you had a bad weekend, food-wise? That will surely reflect on the scales. But if you’re on top of the scale and you lean back or when you lean on your toes, you will get different numbers.

A little change on the scale should not make you think that you are not doing well, otherwise, it will totally change your mindset and will probably affect your performance.

What are these other indicators that can help you determine that all your hard work is working (read: getting healthier and not necessarily skinnier) as results are showing and can be felt.

Firstly, the intense workouts that you have been doing are now relatively easy for you. When you started you can only do two reps, but later on, on your second rep, you feel like you can do more. As your body adjusts, it will now be seeking for a more intense workout.

Another indicator are your clothes. If you have had that favourite item from your wardrobe, which you have saved for ‘when I lose weight,’ time to take that out and check if it fits. Check yourself in the mirror and see if they fit you better or if you actually feel good wearing them?

You may also ask yourself if you are feeling healthier. And how will you know this? Well, firstly, you feel well-rested. Part of being healthy is getting enough rest. You can also check if you have more energy. And most importantly, are you feeling happier.

Exercise and proper diet help produce chemicals in the body that will boost your mood and will make you happy.

Now if you have checked all these, then you will know that your hard work at the gym is paying off. Without even checking the scales.

But always keep in mind that there is no shortcut to success and quick fixes when it comes to your health. It takes a lot of hard work and it will develop over time, not at the snap of the fingers.

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