Why Do you train?

Think carefully about the first time you walked into a gym or the first time you made an attempt to incorporate fitness and wellbeing into your life. What drove you to make that phone call or walk through the door? Was it down to wanting to better yourself and your personal achievements? Or was it caused by trying to impress another individual, conform to a certain image or gain praise from others about how good you look or how much weight you can lift?

Sure personal compliments are nice to hear and are a kind gesture from others but they can also be an invisible road block to achieving your goals and should be dismissed as fast as they was received. Judging your progress and basing your motivation on external praise and acceptance means your thoughts and your goals can be influenced by people other than yourself. What happens when you look as good as your training partner ? or your co-workers tell you that you look amazing and have changed so much? Typically you feel content with your progress and the brakes are applied to the commitment and drive you have developed to get this far.

Find your Why

Psychologists have also found that people whom are open to influence from positive external opinions are just as easily influenced by the negative ones responsible for destroying self-confidence. Negative influences which affect your moods throughout the day affecting not only your training but all aspects of the day.

Make a habit of striving to beat yesterdays you, do not be distracted or compare yourself to the progress of others. As long as you are making an effort every day to improve on what you did yesterday whether that be your diet, the weights you lifted or the intensity in which you trained you will find your fat loss, strength, fitness goals will come hand in hand.

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