The feeling of sweat pouring down your face and your gym clothes looking like you have just jumped out of the shower .

The best feeling in the world (in my opinion)

Yet, how come exercising like this 3+ x per week for the past year isn’t helping you lose those last few pounds?

At the start it was great, the weight dropped off and your fitness soared.

But now the results have plateaued

See working hard is essential for results but you can work too hard…

Continues cardiovascular training is great for endurance and stamina but not great for burning fat.

It also is detrimental to your diet , due to the length and type of training you are doing your body craves food and for most people the wrong kind.

Instead of lots of cardiovascular training try switching to at least 2 heavy weight training routines a week , targeting the biggest muscles in your body such as compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, pulls and pushes.

You want to aim for a weight that is going to be a struggle around 2 reps from the end of your set.

A full body approach is the best option for weight loss

I would advise you pick a lower body exercise and then follow it up with an upper body one.

Now on to your cardio days…..

We need to turn your body into a fat burning furnace so I like the following routine for cardio.

Pick a really simple cardio exercise that you can put max effort in for a short period of time , I like battle ropes and prowlers but you could use a spin bike or a hill sprint.

15-20 seconds of max out effort followed by 30-45 second rest x 4-8 sets depending on fitness level

Short and sharp but awesome for firing up your metabolism

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