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We don’t normally do negative but we do ‘deal in real’ and it is a simple truth that the overwhelming majority of people fail to ever reach the state of health and fitness that they want.

We see it a lot.  We often joke that we are Nottingham’s second choice for personal training as most of our clients come to us because they have failed to achieve results with other instructors.

The dreaded F Word is such a negative start point but it can also be a very powerful one and it is something we talk about openly with our clients to find and address the reasons behind  why they haven’t achieved what they want to.  Often it doesn’t actually come down to the clients actions at all…more of that later.

With failure you need to understand why you have failed and what it is you were trying to achieve in the first place.

So where did the plan start to fall down?

Often it can start with a “lack of thought”, people are struggling to keep their weight down but keep repeating the same process again and again but hoping for a different result?

Losing weight is the easy bit you start the same old low calorie diet surviving on rabbit food and your whole social life revolving around points and sins.

Or they get a DVD with some crazy workout that involves a million burpees in 30 minutes – of course it’ll work IF you can stick to it, which of course over 99% people actually physically can’t.

Or they go for length… a whole timetable of group exercise classes back to back…followed by exhaustion sofa and falling off the wagon for a few month, before it is rinse and repeat.

Failing with this is not your fault (entirely!)

It’s the health and fitness industry that has failed you.

The only thing that you have failed at is not noticing that you are just repeating the same old process .  Everybody trains and needs to train differently for the results they need and the body they have, it is the least one size fits all there is.


All the media hype of the next BIG thing or the new diet that is on trend is feeding you the wrong information reinforcing the quick fix pill mentality

We want the results now and eat pizza while doing it ?

I wish this worked J

But it actually doesn’t need to be this way.

But what if I told you there is a way to eat what you like and train less and still get the results you wanted?

In order for this to happen you need to understand that a change in your mindset and the way you go about a health and fitness kickstart needs to change.

If you start at 0 workouts per week and then all of a sudden shoot up to 5-6 long training sessions in 7 days,  do you think that you will still be doing this 6 months down the line when managing a busy work schedule and late nights with friends and family?

Same goes for if you have been eating crap and gradually putting weight on over the past 2 years , Do you think it is actually sustainable to survive on 2 pieces of lettuce a day and still do all the stuff you need to do.

You just need to accept that what you have been doing is not going to work.

Change needs to happen

Long term vision needs to happen


You need to change your mind-set and approach to improving your body shape and health.

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Think long term not short term and yes a little but of patience is needed too.

So I want to help teach you the not so secret method we use at Rb5




I want to fix the fitness industry and help you enjoy health and fitness and show you how simple it actually is .


We break it down in to 5 Key Steps.


1.Goal – You have heard this all before you need a goal to know where you are going to aim for. But you need to think differently this time around.  You need to focus your actions to be positive and about improvements in your activity levels and lifestyle habits.


They all contain negative words, instead focus on positive small changes. Exercise 3 x per week, prep meals for 3 days in advance, relaxation time before bed.

All of these lifestyle and activity targets will all lead to your big goal anyway. Try a different approach.  I know to some people this just sounds fluffy nonsense but we handle this day in day out  – we know what makes the difference.



2.Exercise – THE most common mistake is going from 0 to hero in the first 7 days. Look at the New Years Resolution Gym craze , rammed for the first 4 weeks and then everybody dies off.

If you have only been exercising once or twice per week over the past year do not set yourself up to fail by being over enthusiastic.


3 sessions per week over 12 weeks is better than 6 sessions per week over 4 weeks.

Be smart and think LONG TERM.




3.Diet – This is the biggy and the dreaded word “DIET” everybody knows the answer to changing your body shape , eat less crap and eat more fresh food.




Yet why do you always start a diet or join a diet club that demonises food , for example a well known diet club allows you to eat as much of certain food groups as you want yet eliminates all of another.


This is purely down to calorie restriction. In most cases if somebody has been on a diet all of their adult life (65% of females have) your metabolism that is your fat burning furnace needs a kick start of extra calories. So restricting calories or certain food groups just doesn’t help you.


This again is down to a rash decision in a quick fix and I want the results yesterday mind-set.


Remember you have tried this approach before and it worked for a short time but 1 all inclusive holiday later your going backwards.


Watch our video on how to build a diet .


You can not sustain this, balance is the key , Carbs,Fats and proteins are all important and will all play a part in your weight loss


4.Support – Every successful person in the world has a support network around them. Surround yourself with likeminded people who are on the same journey as you.

If your gym is filled with coffee and cake ladies who train for an hour (if you call talking all the way through a class exercise) followed by and hour of lattes and cake .

Do you think this will get you where you want to be?


Change your environment.


Let your loved ones know what you are working towards to make sure they don’t offer you their last rolo J


5.FUN – Enjoy the process it’s not all weights, treadmills and salads, enjoy the good stuff, I like nothing more than a drink with friends or chocolate cake (mmmmm chocolate) But if I really want progress with something I will reduce the intake for a period of time , but I wont eliminate it completely lifes too short.


This goes for your training too , if you love dancing or Zumba incorporate that into your training , I recommend 3 training sessions per week that are weight training focused and are specific for helping you achieve the body you want followed by a 4th session that is fun related .


So the key message is it isn’t all your fault – but it IS your responsibility to do something about it.


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