Fat Burning Machine

Picture this..

You’re going on holiday and having a great time, not having to thinking about how many sangrias you are drinking or how many trips to the ice cream bar you take.

Once you arrive back from your holidays you jump on the scales and you accept that a 2 week all inclusive holiday will result in the scales changing by a couple of pounds, but within 2-3 days you’ll be back to your former self.

This is a fat burning machine right here …

The reality is

You’re calorie counting every meal, you’re not relaxing because you don’t feel comfortable on the beach and to top it off, you gain half a stone when you get back.

But you tell your friends “I’ve been really good and not eating any crap!”

This is the sign of a “Fat machine”

See when your body has an influx of extra calories, you may gain a couple of extra pounds but when your return to the normal world your body should be able to cope and will often burn off the excess without too much effort.

However, with the endless dieting and constant search for “The Quick Fix Pill”, your metabolism has been damaged and in turn has turned down the thermostat on your fat burning machine.

As a population today we want everything now and this is even worse when it comes to weight loss.

What you have to understand, is that the constant low calorie diets that you have been on and the bingeing at the weekends really does not help with weight loss

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Your body needs muscle and without an understanding of food and knowing how many calories are needed to sustain your lifestyle you will never kick-start your metabolism.   So what do you do?   There are 2 key things that you need to do to turn your body into a “Fat Burning Machine”

Build a diet that suites your lifestyle –

What I mean by this is if you are a busy Mum who is running around all day and you don’t have much time in the day, having set meal times which consist of lots of cooking will not work. Same for if you have been doing the same old diet club for years and you still haven’t got the results you would like. Maybe its time to change something?

Build a Fitness program that you can stick too

I see this time and time again when people who haven’t trained for months (or even years) and see the latest fitness trend such as the latest insanity workout or cross fit class which usually is far too advanced and give up 2 weeks later. Your exercise program should be progressive and be tailored to your needs, what you enjoy and most importantly fit in too your lifestyle.



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