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Different folk, different results

In your road to fitness, you will encounter several bumps but probably one of the biggest obstacles will be yourself.

This is especially true if you are one who is in the habit of comparing yourself to your gym buddy or to the girl running the treadmill at a faster pace than you.

You will then wonder why she is losing weight faster than you or why this other guy can now do more pull-ups than you or why the new guy had developed a six-pack when you’ve been working on your own abs for a long time,

You may ask yourself why things aren’t working out the way you want it when you want it or you and why it worked for the bloke next to you?

Now looking at social media for inspiration becomes a painstaking task and it will instead lead to more frustrations.

Always keep in mind that results are very personal.

You may be exerting the same effort, you may doing the same number of reps per exercise, or you may be following the same exercise program, or spending the same amount of time in the gym. That does not mean that in a month’s time, you will see the same results as your gym buddy.

You have to consider that everybody is different. Everyone has unique genetic makeup and has different body types.

You also have to look into a person’s age, lifestyle and even medical history. All of these are factors in achieving results. As every individual reacts differently to the same exercise regimen or a certain kind of diet.

Overthinking is the real killer

Overthinking distracts you from the real point of your fitness journey: Getting healthy,

The more you obsess over not getting the results right away, the more frustrated you get and it removes you from actually enjoying the process. Sometimes, it isn’t always the result that matters but your journey towards achieving the goal you set out for your self.

What to do?

Set realistic expectations and be consistent. Talk about it with your trainers at the gym and follow their instructions. Trust me, they know these things and they are there to help you in this journey.

Eat healthy, be confident, love your body, no matter what state it is in. Always think that a sexier body is only a plus side to a healthy life.

If you think this way, there is less stress. You will be more relaxed and you will be happier. And happy people lose weight faster.

Food is not the enemy

Eating is part of any fitness journey. You need to eat to lose weight. You don’t need to have perfectly planned out and prepped meals. Who has time for that? Just eat smart. Balance it with a regular exercise and in no time, you will have reaped the fruits of your labor.

Patience is a virtue

I know that it is a struggle to get to the goal that you set out to do. And not getting results sooner may cause a lot of frustrations.

But fret not, this problem is not isolated to you. Believe you me, a lot of gym goers go through this struggle.

Just keep at it, have patience and in no time those goals will be achieved.

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