All i want for Christmas is a Nottingham Personal Trainer

Now, I know it is early to talk about Christmas but for your waistline the build up to the festive season is bad time of year.   It is coming up to that time of the year where you are planning Christmas parties and starting your Christmas shopping and as a result the mind-set towards toning up and losing weight tends to slip.   Don’t let it!!!   It might sound tempting to sack off the diet and gym but what if I told you, you could eat pretty much what ever you want over Christmas and not do too much damage to your scales if you keep focused?   Interested?   Not exercising or eating rubbish lowers our metabolisms and our lean muscle mass decreases, meaning that we don’t burn fat as efficiently. As a result when we have a blow out we pile on weight.   This is not normal and should not happen.   Now I am going to give you some simple steps to keep you focused all the way up to Christmas so you can enjoy this time of year without worrying about what you are eating.   START NOW!  

  1. Vision– what do you want to look like at your Christmas party? Do you want your husband/wife/partner/friends to compliment you on how you look?

Visualise this and make this measurable. I recommend committing to fitting into something that you feel really uncomfortable in at the moment. Try it on and then hang it up somewhere that you will see it every day. Now think about the big night when you are going to put this outfit on. Imagine how will you feel when everybody compliments you and you no longer feel like the “Fat Person” in the room.   This will keep you focused I promise. This is your WHY.

  1. Plan/Assess– what are you currently doing to sabotage you being where you want to be?

When do you want to achieve this by? What and how are you going to get there? Is it realistic in the time frame you have available?   Not having a plan and not knowing how you are going to get to your goal is preparing you to fail straight away. This could be something as simple as preparing your food rather than buying a sandwich from the shop, researching on the internet for an exercise plan or if you can afford it seek expert advice from a personal trainer.   This is your HOW.   So you now know your why and have thought about how you are going to get there, this leaves us with the most important…   DO … Stop talking about it and making excuses and using words like “I wish”, “I can’t”   Negative Thoughts = Negative Actions   Use phrases such as “ I WILL”, “I CAN”   Positive Thoughts = Positive Actions   If you are serious about achieving your WHY you will want to know more about our “Little Black Dress challenge” for women starting in November. We are going to work with 10 ladies who are serious about wanting to achieve their WHY fast in a group personal training environment. For more details hit the contact us page.

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