How to prepare for the New Year health kick


With 2016 just around the corner, many of you may be thinking about a new diet, taking out a gym membership, finding a personal trainer or just kick-starting your training again.

Before you go any further, ask yourself what the underlying motivation for these thoughts are.


Is it that you’ve gained a few extra pounds this year, you want to compete in an event or you want to feel healthier again?


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Whatever the reasons are behind your thoughts, use those to keep you motivated and on track.


Here are a few tips that we use with our clients to keep them focused and on track to achieving their goals.


  • Set yourself a long-term goal, which is generally going to be the reason, you give yourself a push to get to the gym (e.g. lose x amount of weight by y). Make sure this is realistic and give yourself a sufficient amount of time to achieve this


  • Make a plan that is going to allow you to reach this goal. Set yourself weekly goals (such as attending the gym 3 times per week) that are sustainable and a mid-term goal (which could measure your progress). Dramatically cutting calories and trying to live on a low calorie diet is not sustainable or a healthy way to lose weight and your body will need the food to fuel the exercise.


  • Track your progress – whether this is through a visual way (before and after photos), through measurements, or a fitness test, for instance.


  • Hydrate yourself. Water is key to a lot of basic metabolic functions and keeping your body healthy (aim to increase your water intake to 2-3litres per day – but do it steadily so you aren’t always at the toilet!)


  • Be patient and stick with it! If you’ve yoyo dieted or starved your body of the nutrients it has required in the past, you may not see immediate results straight away because of the underlying damage to the metabolism you’ve caused. Sticking to a regular exercise plan and sticking to a healthy diet will lead to long lasting results and a healthier change to your life


  • Reassess your goals. Over time your motivations will change, you might want to x amount of weight and then decide that you want to become more muscular. Reassessing your goals regularly will make you stay on track of your training and know what you are striving to succeed.



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