I’m exercising 5 x per week, but not seeing any results.


Quality over quantity.


I bet you knew I was going to say that .


Let me go into a little more detail.


The most common goal to why people have a gym membership is down to losing weight or losing body fat and to look better in and out of their clothes.


The goto method to achieve this goal is to work yourself into the ground and sweat from places that you have never thought you could sweat from.


This approach works fantastically in the beginning due to it being a new environment and a new training stimulus for your body.



Your body is a very clever thing and adapts VERY quickly.


The problem with just pommeling your body into the ground is that it doesn’t have time to recover properly, meaning you don’t ever progress with your training.

The weights don’t go up and your 5k time plateaus.

Another thing to take into consideration is , if you are attending traditional group exercise classes (Zumba, spin body combat etc) for the majority of your workouts, I hate to say it as I LOVE group exercise ,but it’s just not challenging enough.

Yes you maybe sweating. but let me take you for a session on Watt bike for 45 minutes so I can show you the difference compared to your 45 minute spin class.


So here is your take away points.


  • Ensure that you that the majority of your training is with weights
  • Progress with your training every week and log your progress
  • Try something new each week to challenge your body
  • Ensure that you vary your training J
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