Well within moderation,

There are is no such thing as a “Super Food” that will directly result in you losing weight.

There is an accumulation of factors to take into consideration.

But, the main takeaway is ALL foods have a place in your diet, stay away from any diet that eliminates and food group.

Each food group has a purpose – Download our Ebook on what food doe’s and why you should not cut out fats and carbs from your diet.


It ‘s more about calories.


Now, I don’t want you to count everything that you eat and start calorie counting, but calories do matter, let me go to the extremes to make you understand.


If you eat 4000 calories and only burn off 2000, you will be in a calorie surplus which means you will put weight on.


If you eat 1500 calories and burn off 2000, you will “in theory” lose weight.


Simple, right?


I wish!


This is not taking into account your past relationship with food, this is just an example J


The problem is that most people who have been trying to lose weight for all of their adult life always ask this question “What Should I Eat To Lose Weight?”


My guess would be if you ask me this question would be that you have been on a low-calorie diet most of your life, and have always Yo Yo’ed with your weight (up and down) and always focused just on the numbers on the scales.


This is the problem!

No Consistency with good quality calories and jumping from diet tot diet.



Most diets focus purely on weight, meaning eat less move more = weigh less on the scales. Whoop Whoop!


For the short term, this will work, but the dreaded plateau hits and you become demotivated and damn right stuck.


You have one binge and 5lbs later you hate your life , but love crisps and pizza.

See diets usually work by being in a calorie deficit, but the most common way of doing this is by eliminating certain food groups completely.



They have a purpose, just reduce the overall intake to lose weight.

But, losing weight should not be your only focus.


I still don’t understand how a set of weighing scales can ruin somebody’s day/life in a matter of seconds.


Instead, think measurements, body fat and lean muscle .


Here are 3 reasons why ….


1.Weight is inaccurate.


Certain times of the day and week you will weigh less or more. This will be due to many factors such as more food, less food or that time of the month for you ladies.

This is the number one reason why I would not recommend focusing purely on the scales.


2.Increasing Your Calories Will Make You put Weight On…Initially


It’s no secret that if you have been surviving on only 1 meal a day and then up your meals to 3 per day, there may be some weight gain. Purely down to increasing your calories too much too soon.

Your body has gone so long just surviving on very low calories that anything more than what it’s used to is a shock, the body cannot initially utilise this amount right away.

The best approach when rebuilding your diet and calories would be a gradual increase, for example, if you are eating 1 meal a day increase to 2 for the first week. At the end of the week redo your measurements (including your weight) if your weight and measurements haven’t gone up, increase your food intake a little the following week. If the numbers have changed then stick with what you have been consuming the previous week.

Now if you want to be leaner and toned YOU need to maintain and build lean muscle tissue. This can only happen with more calories to fuel your body .


3.Focus on Life & Performance Goals


Think back to the years when you lived at home with Mum and Dad, when you had to visit that one relative that you hated seeing.

It’s not that you didn’t care about them, it was more to do with boredom and not really understanding why you had to visit every weekend, but it was important to your Mum & Dad.

So, you would go, but drag your heals and kick up a fuss about being told to go.

This is like the gym, its important, but you can think of 100 more things you would like to be doing.

This is even harder to keep up the motivation to attend when you’re not seeing the results you want to see with scales.

See focusing on just working out to lose weight is a negative goal.

You’re not going to the gym to GAIN anything, your going to lose something.


This is where Life & Performance goals come in.

Life Goal = Anything you can do daily that will improve your lifestyle, eat more veg, get more sleep etc


Performance Goal = This is fitness orientated, taking the stairs without being out of breath, running your first 5k , lifting X amount of weight, to name a few


If you are progressing with your Life & Performance goal it will be more enjoyable and you will “lose weight” at the same time.

Like it or not fitness and diet will be part of your life for the rest of your life. Why not enjoy what you do and start thinking long term rather than jumping from one thing to another.



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