Mindfulness “Awareness of ourselves and the world around us, can improve our mental wellbeing”


Now I know you might think this is a little deep or why the hell is a personal trainer talking about mindfulness and mental health, but stay with me.

When my trainers and myself work with a variety of clients whose goals range from weight loss, performance and stress relief the mental demands are the same, no matter what physical condition

they are currently at. Achieving 4 training days a week, juggling family life and work life, financial pressures, eating clean etc. all of this added pressure and stress can hinder your progress in the long term.

But do you ever take a moment to reflect on your world and what is around you?

My guess is no.

We are all human and we cannot help but compare ourselves to each other, even though the fit looking lady who trains at the exact same time as you on a Tuesday with the to die for arms hasn’t got 2 kids and has always trained from her school days.

Everybody’s lives are different and we have to be aware of this.

This month I want you to try this little exercise…


  1. Reflection – 


    Look through your old training programs and do the very first workout you ever did (if you don’t log your workouts start doing this). You will be surprised how easy you will find the first ever program that made sitting on

    the toilet painful for 5 days is. Reassessment is 1 of our core principles that leads our clients to success, if you are climbing a mountain and never look down how do you know how far you have climbed(unless your scared of heights).Looking forward to your end goal is great and I encourage this to better yourself every single day, however looking forwards can sometimes be a daunting task and a never ending field of obstacles,look back every so often.



  1. Communication – Ask somebody for direction/analyse your progress if the goal isn’t getting any closer, this could be from a personal trainer or a friend .You will be surprised how somebody else’s view can be so different then yours.



  1. Positive thinking = Positive actions, Negative thinking = Negative actions

This can go along way, I want you to start and finish your day with a positive thought and a positive action, this could be kissing your loved one and wishing them good morning, having a healthy breakfast etc. Starting and ending your day positively will help you end that chapter in your life and allow you to move onto the next day ready to contribute and impact other peoples lives in a epic way.


This is a subject that I am extremely passionate about, there is something about changing a “can’t” into “I smashed that”

If you want to read how amazing a positive action can impact somebody’s life check out this blog post

Let me know how you are getting on!








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