We are over halfway through the year and this is the time to reflect on the year so far. What have you achieved? Weight loss? A new job? Got married?


Changed your mindset?


See mindset is key for everything in life and with us over the halfway point of the year your weight loss results maybe slowing down .


But I want you to embrace this and welcome you to the next stage of your journey.


See achievement does not have to be big things, let me give you an example


Somebody who decides to start a brand new healthy lifestyle (like you at the start of your fitness journey) and trains 4 x per week and takes up a new eating regime will see massive health benefits.


Feel/look younger


Look slimmer


Friends compliment you on how well you look


How good did it feel having all of these compliments and positive changes happening to you? Great,right?


I hate to break this to you but…


You will never feel like this


ever again, this is the honeymoon period of diet and exercise.


You have have been training hard and eating like a rabbit for the past 12+ months yet you just see that everybody around you seems to be looking better than you.


Your friends now class you as “The Fitness Freak” and everything you used to get praise for (looking fit, smashing out a 4 mile run, eating out of tupperware etc.) is just seen as normal by your peers.


This is make or break for a lot of people.


See when you are into your 2nd year of training, progress towards your first ever goal when you started this amazing journey slows down , for most people this is weight loss.


Its time to shift the focus and mind-set .


Insert The Fitness Freak Mind set


The fitness freak loves everything exercise related this could be


  • Gaining a PB on a deadlift
  • Mastering a ninja exercise such as a pull up or pistol squat
  • Overcoming an injury to be able to run again


Notice how all of these suggestions are not about numbers on a scale or about looking pretty.


Yes you will look better by accomplishing these but that’s just a bonus.


The key to adapting to the fitness freak mind set is acceptance of




It may take you 6 months to achieve a pull up but every single training session you may be able to hold onto the bar just for 1-2 more seconds than last week.


This is progress in the Fitness freak world.


Now do this…


Start writing down and tracking your workouts sets, reps, load etc.


Now every week (if your technique is good) attempt to make the workout harder by either adding weight, slowing down the reps, increase the range of motion or even run faster


And every month, work out how much extra you have done in terms of the weight you have lifted, the miles you have run etc.


You will be surprised on your progress


Welcome to the Fitness freak world !


P.s Let me know your struggles so we can help you J

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