3 simple words that mean a lot to me, and in my opinion are the foundational words that cannot be missed if you want to succeed at anything in life. Remove one of the words and the foundations will crumble. Here is Rb5’s mission “We will support, motivate and inspire our community to achieve long lasting results”


Now let me go into more detail about why our clients achieve awesome results Support – When life gets tough it can get a little hard going on your own and the negative thoughts creep in to your head.


“I can’t do it”


“I can’t be bothered”


“Its to hard”


“I will never look the way I want to”


If you don’t have the support around you, then the reassurance or the occasional supportive word will not help you stay on track. Tip: The people that are closest to you, try explaining to them what it is you are working towards and that you may have to sacrifice a few things, so they know not to tempt you.


Motivation – This is the oomph that gets you going in the morning and drives you to attend the gym when all you want to do is go home. Self motivation is a powerful tool however, we will lose this from time to time when life takes over. So having the motivation from a community or by meeting somebody at the gym to workout is what really drives results.


Tip: When you first set your goal, ask yourself why 5 times and write down the emotion behind your wanting to achieve this. When ever you feel a little low or demotivated reads this for an injection of self motivation.


Inspiration – This is what gets us started, somebody you either admire and you strive to do what they do or somebody who has pushed through a major life changing situation. This is just as important as the other two DO


NOT neglect this.


Tip: I like competition and no matter what people say we are all competitive in someway or another (some just express it more than others) this will be my inspiration to be better than them. Also look at inspirational videos with people who have overcame adversity check out one of my favourite videos here




Now how are you going to input these foundations in to your health and fitness plan?

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