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What is the first thing that comes to your head if I was to say snacking?





Let’s put this out there snacking can be anything that keeps the hunger monster away.


But if your goal is weight loss or fat loss then what you snack on is important.


Most of the time when we are hungry we usually grab anything and usually all you see in the shop or cupboards is the good stuff (chocolate, popcorn, cakes)

See every time you are hungry your blood sugar is lower than normal and is in need of a kick-start to keep you going.


What Happens When We Snack?

Every time we eat your body has a response, if something is high in sugar such as chocolate this will spike your blood sugar for a period of time, but will only last for a short period due to the poor structure of the food choice (simple carb)


If something is lower in sugar such as a protein based snack or complex carb snack the insulin spike will be lower, meaning a potentially longer lasting energy and that keeps you fuller for longer.



What Is Insulin And What Does It Do?

Insulin is a hormone and if it is stimulated too much (spikes to high) it confuses the body and can disrupt the other hormones and energy levels, meaning storing more fat due to the rapid drop in energy.


This is your bodies response to not knowing when its next meal is going to come.

So it needs to store the excess food and covert to fat for an emergency energy store.

The best way to avoid this is protein rich foods and fibrous food choices.


Having a nutritionally full meal regularly breakfast,lunch and dinner will solve the average persons problems with hunger .

If it doesn’t then something is missing in the meals or a snack is needed. (Healthy option)


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