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We all know that regular exercise is an important aspect of a healthy life.

So many people have been struggling with weight and have resorted to all sorts of quick fixes just to shed off the extra weight.

One of the best exercises that helps in losing weight is running. It seems like a very simplistic approach but running really is one of the most underrated ways to lose weight.

This is especially true if you lead a very sedentary lifestyle.

Once you lace up and hit the road, the results are almost immediate.

Is running the most effective way to lose weight?

Let’s talk about science.

You lose weight when you create a calorie deficit. This means burning more calories than you consume.

When you do cardio, it amps up your heart rate, your blood pumps faster, you sweat. It means you are burning calories.  Running is a form of cardio exercise. Running at a pace that boosts your heart rate, is already an assurance that you are burning calories. And it goes without saying that the more intense you run, the more you burn.

This means if you run faster and on a prolonged period of time, you will feel the burn.

Does it necessarily follow weight loss? It all goes back to caloric deficiency. If you are burning more than you are consuming, then you will lose weight.

While, yes, running has helped you in your fitness goal, your body will adapt and in other words, will get bored at doing the same exercise over and over again.

You may notice that after running for some time now when you step on the scale, you are no longer losing weight that you intend to lose, even if you pair this with a good nutritional plan. This is because your body is a very clever thing and it has adjusted to the regime that you have been making it go through. In other words, your body got bored from too much running and is no longer responding.

That is why experts advise that it will be good to pair your runs with strength training. Especially if you are looking to lose a considerable amount of weight, this combination will give you maximum fat burning.

Although they may seem like totally different kinds of exercise, the two are sure-fire ways to help you burn fat and thus leading to weight loss.

Strength training or resistance training, help you build muscles. Even when you are trying to lose weight, it is important to maintain muscle. Lose the fat and keep the muscles. Extra muscle helps burn energy even after your workout. This after-burn after every weights training continues hours after your workout. This means your metabolism continues to increase despite being at rest.

Resistance (weights or own weight), continuous movement (like in running) and a good meal plan are your sure ways to shedding off that extra weight and it also has higher chances of sustainability and in no time you will see your old clothes fitting better and your health improves.

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