Find Your Why!


Why is a powerful word and is the one word that can change your approach to anything in life.


Take a child for example when they are learning, the word why is one of the most common used words they use.


Why can’t I have that?


But why ?


With a strong enough reason behind the answer, this usually changes a behavior and can change something from being right to wrong the child’s mind.


This is the exact same response we have as adults (but we are more stubborn)




Lets put a weight loss perspective on this.


The average women has been on a diet all of their adult life


When you first gained weight after discovering wine and learned that Mum was not going to telling you that you can’t eat chocolate everyday.


You decided to attend a weight loss group or a diet club surrounded by people who have been members for years (on and off)


You get told to avoid this food don’t eat that , count this etc


You follow the advice and WOW it works .


You lose the weight and decide that you can do this  on your own .


After a few weeks the old habits creep back in with skipping meals and binging on junk foods again.


6 months to a year go by and you’re heavier than before


You go back to the group and the same faces are there just like before


You repeat this cycle for years !


And its constantly feels a struggle to keep the weight off.


The older you get the harder it seems.


See what most do not realise is that sustainable weight loss is about behavior change and knowing why you need to change.


Nobody ever addressee the foundational issue which is your lifestyle and daily habits.


If you have struggled to keep the weight off for a long period of time and keep getting caught in the hamster wheel of on the diet and off the diet then something needs to change.


Without a really big why you will continue to make excuses for yourself, just saying you want to lose weight as your heavier than you ever have been isn’t a good enough reason.


Make a real emotional connection with how the extra weight actually makes you feel .


The stronger the why the less likely you are going to make excuses and the easier your behavior change will be.



We are going to Dip Deep into your WHY


In the attached questionnaire you need to be as detailed as possible to uncover the real reason for not keeping the weight off.

 Questionnaire Link

The questions will not give you the answer, but it will create the emotion to give you a solid foundation to behavior change and we will be covering this in the coming weeks.

Questionnaire Link 

And I guarantee that 70% of people who say they want to lose weight actually do not want too deep down.


Once these questions have been answered we can then put together a strategy for long lasting change.


I need you to take action and once this is completed send me an email at .


You do not need to send me the questionnaire if you do not fee comfortable , just a simple  “I am ready to change” will do.


If you want to stay the same then don’t bother filling it in , its that simple.


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