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?The Fitness Freak vs The Laziest Person In The World ?Why do we always have to compare ourselves to others when we all have different bodyshapes goals and circumstances?THE FITNESS FREAK -They are extremly toned and have a low bodyfat percnatge. However,they may not have any children and more free time on their hands. But they have built exercise into their lifestyle and made it a priority over years and years .THE LAZIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD - This person does not exercise and eats junk food all day and everyday.Maybe they are intimidated by the gym and don't feel comfortable working out infront of people.Due to never having the confidence to ask for help with their nutrition or fitness they have developed poor eating habits and a don't know where to start with exercise .Now these two groups are extremely far apart from one another and the majority of you reading this post will sit in the middle.You have started a diet and working out at least once per week which is awesome.But if your ambition is to be closer to "The Fitness Freak " look then sacrifices are needed to be made to your lifestyle in order to hit that goal .On the otherhand, if you are happy with your current fitness and bodyshape , then keep doing what you are currently doing.DO NOT be pressured into eating rabbit food and feeling like you have to workout 3,4 or 5 times per week.But , if you want to change then sacrifices are needed .

Posted by rb5 on Thursday, August 23, 2018


Imagine this ….



You are constantly tired and your energy levels are extremely low and  everywhere you look you have body envy.

In comparison to the the salad munchers in the office all you want to eat is  junk.



The gym is too much effort and a chore.



So many times, when you find yourself feeling down and depressed with your body you can become so desperate to change your appearance that you can sometimes overreach with your expectations and actions.


This leads you to look at those fitspiration photos of people who look better than you and you become motivated, you want to be just like that person, so copy what they are doing.


This is like Miss Piggy hoping to look like Barbie.


Barbie being the gym rat who works out a lot and Miss Piggy, despite being her awesome self, looks at Barbie and dreams to having that body. But the question is: Will Miss Piggy be willing to do the work?


But you cannot be detached from reality. You cannot achieve the body that you want by just looking at those photos. You need to put that chocolate bar down , get off  the sofa and start moving.


You have to also realise that these fitspiration Instagram profiles did not get perfect bodies by sitting on the sofa. A lot of work, and I mean, A LOT of work has been put to get to that point.


And maybe… a lot of botox and plastic, too!


You have to ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice and if you are willing to put in the work in order to get the body you want.


Just know that it may be a slow process…


You won’t get there in ,1,2,3 or even 4 months. It takes consistency over a LONG period of time to look like Barbie.


How to get off that sofa and start living a healthy fitter lifestyle?


  1. While you think about the abs and toned bum, use it as inspiration but do not aim for perfection. Aim for progress. Aiming to be perfect and not achieving it will result in disappointment. Learn to appreciate the little progress that you do and you will be happier. Like being able to wake up in the morning to exercise, celebrate it.


  1. Find a workout that you absolutely love.  


Try physical activities and stick to the one that excites you and the one that makes you want to go back for more.

Go to the gym and try to see if it works for you. Try joining dance classes and see if it is your groove, Try jiu-jitsu and see if you can roll with the punches, or maybe yoga is your flow.


Just like anything you try, if you have fun, it wouldn’t feel like a chore and chances are you get to consistently do it.


  1. No need to follow a fad diet, just focus on following a healthy lifestyle. Read the labels, eat less salt and sugar and eat more fibre and lean protein.


  1. Here’s something that might surprise everyone: Get enough sleep. No matter how much you diet and no matter how much you exercise, if your body did not get enough rest to recover, all your efforts will be useless.



  1. A general rule of thumb: if you can’t see yourself keeping up your new diet and workout during the cold winters for the next 12 months… while having a social life . Don’t’ start it.


The moral of the story is Miss Piggy lives a totally different life to Barbie.

  • Different likes
  • Different dislikes
  • Different stresses
  • Different responsibilities


Don’t wish to be like anybody else, appreciate yourself and your life. But….

If you keep complaining about being fat and feel miserable do something about it and pick something you can do CONSISTENTLY to improve your health, fitness and body shape .






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