Member of The Month Every month the staff at rb5 Nottingham review and assess all of our members statistics and training, and we choose one member who we decide has done the following.   1.Adapted to change – This is essential to from and create new and long-lasting habits such as diet and exercise. 2.Numbers- Whether this is weighloss, muscle gain or an increase in strength. 3. Attendance – We require our members to train a minimum of 3 times per week and this must be achieved otherwise results will be very hard to come by.   So this months rb5 Nottingham’s “Member of the month” is …………….   49 yr old Nicky Harris   Nicky came has been a member of rb5 Nottingham for 2 months now and here is what she had to say about her journey so far…….   What have you/do you enjoy at Rb5?   I really like the atmosphere of the gym, people are training hard and focused on their own goals but are also friendly and supportive. As a new member I’ve had some great encouragement from others and from all of the staff. There are no phones and no tv’s and no pointless pieces of equipment that no-one ever uses which means that everyone is concentrating on their training. The classes are great, particularly the strength class, but I still won’t be running! Other things that I really value are the support and flexibility you all show in supporting my training by, for example, suggesting a routine when I turn up to an open session without a clear idea of what I want to do. Replies to questions, booking etc are answered really promptly which is great.   Next goals I’d like to continue to improve my strength and decrease my body fat. Improve my endurance and cardiovascular fitness.   What would you say to other people who are thinking of joining Rb5?   It’s the first gym I’ve ever trained in where what is promised is what is delivered. Ricky and Joe provide a really individualised training programme for each member which ensures you will achieve your goal if you also work hard. The size of the gym means that they are able to monitor how you are doing informally as well as at reviews and provide encouragement and suggestions about changes you might make. Beth who runs the admin side is always incredibly helpful and if you have a question it will be answered promptly. I have achieved more than I thought was possible in a short time because the instructors are experienced enough to assess what you can do and how hard to push you and flexible enough to adapt to changes. If you want to work hard, achieve your goals and train in a supportive environment this is the place for you. If you want to turn up at a gym, not work too hard and complain about your lack of success this isn’t the gym for you.   Nicky’s Stats are: –  

  • Weightloss = 9 pounds
  • Squat weight increase by 15 kg
  • Prowler weight increase from 120kg-180kg
  • Bench press increase to a personal best of 67.5kg

  Well Done Nicky!!!!  

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