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Meal replacement shakes have become more and more popular among those trying to cut down weight.

This is because of the reported nutritional benefits of shakes and dietary supplements. On top of that, they are quick to make and very convenient…. which fits with our busy lifestyles.

Health and fitness-wise, supplements and these meal replacements actually can have a place in your diet.

However, it should be done with the right mindset and understanding of the outcome.

Think of it as a support to your fitness regime and not as quick fix to hit your ideal weight.

You still need an understanding of the correct amount of calories and macronutrients your body needs to aid with your gym routine and lifestyle.

What are the pros in using meal replacement shakes?

A meal in under 1minute … Sounds great when you’re busy ?

Increases your protein consumption easily.

ermmmm ….. that’s about it .

The marketing will tell you that meal replacement shakes are designed to give you full nutritional value in just one serving just like the ones you get from one meal.

And each meal replacement will prevent any chance of you eating unhealthy food.

I partially agree with the above as long as it’s PART of your diet ,NOT your whole diet

My main issue with meal replacement shakes is that the companies market as the one stop shop to all of your dietary needs and their products are far superior to real food.

Without any education around how to build and adapt your diet to suit your lifestyle.

One of the obstacles to eating healthy is time constraints. Because you are pressed for time, you just resort to grabbing what’s easiest and most of the time.

This is where a meal replacement shake appeals as the obvious solution.

As they are better than grabbing a £3 meal deal from Tesco.

I’m going to let you into a secret….


The lady or man that looks super lean and you aspire to look like …. is eating real food 90% of the time and is MAKING time to prep REAL FOOD.

They use shakes and supplements to supplement their diet.

Because shakes are convenient, you can grab them on the go and believe that you are eating a  nutritious diet.

Perfect for dieting you are made to think.

The only way you will lose weight is being in a calorie deficit. Shakes will drop your calories dramatically and you will lose weight quickly.

But, there are two main problems with that…


  1. The Rebound – reintroducing too many of the foods you love alongside alcohol.

  2. Energy balance – Feeling fatigued and not able to do what you love to do , due to the lack of calories.


If you need to cut down on calories, track your food and understand what your calories are made up of ….

  • Not enough protein ?
  • How many Carbs?
  • Too much Fat?

The first step would be to reduce the quantity not eliminate certain foods.

This will be a slower process and the beginning , but you won’t rebound and put the weight back on 🙂

Also, why give up pizza and wine? it tastes too good.

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