5 ways to laser focus in on your goal



Be Clear and specific

Many people pick 2 or 3 goals at anyone time and very rarely hit them. Write down what your goals are, then grade them 1-10 on how important they are to you. Pick the highest priority and focus on this 100% NO Deviating. You will find that the other goals on your list maybe achieved in the process anyway,

Big Scary Goals (BSG)

Think big! Why settle for dropping one dress size when deep down you really want to drop 3. If the goal doesn’t challenge you it wont change you.


A time and date is important for your planning and gives you an end point and makes it a commitment. This can be 1 year away from now, the bigger the goal the longer the time frame. Athletes who want to compete at the Olympic games have a BSG of 4 years for example.

Work backwards

Once you have your BSG and time frame set, work backwards by creating a chronological calendar, for example a target of running a half marathon in 12 weeks time, you should be aiming to be able to achieve half of the running distance by week 6 . You can be as detailed as you like with this.


Too many people never achieve their goal, they lose interest or give up when they have a stressful day at work. You need to really have an emotion behind your goal otherwise when the going gets tough you quit.

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