Most of us will get stressed time to time but it’s how we manage this stress. A lot of the stresses we come across on a daily basis are from situations regarding work, not achieving goals, money, family, health (and many more) and a lot of the time the stress levels are manageable. 

If you think of stress levels on a scale of 1-10 (10 being totally out of control), anything with a score of 6 or below is generally manageable and you can go about your everyday lives as usual (with the thought somewhere in the back of your mind). 
When you get to an unmanageable level of stress you may start to see cracks in your lifestyle, sleep patterns and a loss of motivation. If the stress keeps on coming and gets more and more unbearable (above a score of 6) action needs to be taken ASAP to avoid this stress to keep growing.  
Here are a few tips to try and manage the stress levels:- 
Reassess your goals – it may be to big to handle and needs to be split up in to micro goals (whether that is within a gym or in the work environment)
Stop doing endless high intensity hours at the gym – this will only add greater stress to your body (meaning the body becomes more resistant to burning fat)
Sleep – everybody requires different amounts of sleep but the hour before bed and the hour after you wake up you need as little stimulation as possible (meaning no mobile phones or early morning email checking). 
Lifestyle – burning the candle at both ends (with late nights out and early mornings and of course alcohol) will add to the stress levels. Reduce the nights out and alcohol levels if the stress starts to mounts up.
These are a few very simple steps that everybody should know.

On a scale of 1-10 how stressed are you? 

Comment below with your biggest stress points and we will reply with our tips to help mange your workload


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