Habits dictate your life Good habits = success Bad habits = failure


I don’t want you to fail so try these life hacks and USE them

1 Thing At A Time

Too many people when they are on a health kick start by

cuttting out carbs,fat,alcohol and then try and take up a new exercise routine all at the same time , then….

POOF Back off the wagon within 2-4 weeks

Nail one habit first and then move onto the next one , it is proven that you need to stick to something for 21days for it to become a routine.

2.Change Daily/Weekly Habits

I assessed where I was going wrong in my diet a few weeks ago and one of the main problems was chocolate.

Yes I’m a personal trainer and I love chocolate and junk food

But this doesn’t get me to where I want to be so I have to assess my intake.

The main culprit was the petrol station more importantly the snacks inside the petrol station.

So instead of visiting weekly I now go monthly or use the pay at pump.

Assess your daily/weekly routine and eliminate the main areas of temptation .

3.Stealing Candy From A Baby

We are all big kids at heart so if somebody tells you you cant have something such as sugary snacks etc we rebel inside.

This might not be straight away but sooner or later we crack.

This is our inner child going back to our child hood Just like a baby if you take something away that you enjoy you need to replace it with an alternative to keep the inner child calm.

This sounds very simple but its the everyday habits that affect our whole life

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