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In here, you will see a varied collection of different kinds of people in all shapes, sizes and from all walks of life. They are all supposed to be exercising to feel better about themselves and to be happier. But there is something about that lifting weights and hitting the treadmill that brings out the absolute worst in people.


Not only are they annoying in the eyes of the gym coaches but distracting to other customers as well.


We call them the gym stereotypes because they probably exist in all gyms in all the four corners of the world.



The “Expert”


Let me just make it very clear. The coaches are the expert. But there are blokes who can’t seem to keep their opinions to themselves.


These know-it-alls offer advice when you don’t ask for it. They correct your stance and tell you that they can do it better than you. They think they are better than everyone and they want people to know.



The Instagrammer


These are the gym buffs who go to the gym so they can post a selfie of themselves flexing their muscles in front of the mirror.

They are the clients who would pick up the weights pose as if they were mid-set, flexed muscles and all, take a photo, Instagram it and drop the weights.


It’s all about the visuals. They don’t care if they are showing the actual results but as long as they can brag about going to the gym or leading a healthy life, that is what is important for them.



The girls in the hamster wheel


This happens to guys, too. Those who spend hours upon hours at the gym but have looked the same from the time they signed up 10 years ago.


This is because they work out. Take a break and have coffee and cake with their gym buddies and go back to the treadmill.

People need to analyze what they are doing and think how it will affect the results and if it is helping you achieve your goals.



Men being douchebags


Women get into the gym and look to workout just like men do. But when they get into the free weights area those testosterone-loaded men look at her like she doesn’t belong there. She ends up feeling like she sticks out like a sore thumb. She will then feel uncomfortable and self-conscious and this will discourage her from lifting weights thus taking her away from her fitness goals.





Coaches get annoyed when a group of students come in groups of three or five but end up just chatting and taking selfies and not doing what they are supposed to be doing inside the gym.



Are you one of them? 🙂





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