So we all grew up being told “eat your veggies or your not leaving the table or having pudding.” Your Mum is right and do you still listen to that memory? Most people do not!   With so many more appealing foods than broccoli its very difficult to get 5 servings a day in (although 7 is now recommended) So here are a few tips on how to increase you Veg intake.

  • Breakfast- includes chopped up veg in your omelette or scrambled eggs, a few diced beans and tomatoes will make a yummy breakfast.

And before you say you haven’t got time, preparation the night before is key to success.

  • Snacking – take portable vegetables to work with you such as carrot sticks and some form of dip preferably home made such as humous or salsa.
  • Evening meal – without fail ensure Green is the ain colour on your plate in the evening,
  • Supplement – A good quality green supplement such as phresh greens which rb5 Nottingham stock and recommend.
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