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Sorry for the scary headline and that nasty word “FAT”, I just needed to grab your attention.

I am by no means a fruit hating person, however I do need you to know a few things before you chomp down on your 6th portion of fruit of the day.


First of all, I would highly recommend you download our FREE PDF “Stop The Diet Now” it will tell you all you need to know about macronutrients.


Fruit is packed full of vitamins that we need, but is also a simple carb so is sugar based (Depending on the type of fruit depends on how much sugar).


And you should know that too much simple carbs and sugar makes us fat if consumed in high volumes, in fact any macro consumed too much will make you fat.


So we need to dig a little deeper.


The sugar content of fruit is called Fructose, fructose is not your bodies choice of fuel for energy.


Your body doesn’t like to use this as energy (the main source of energy for the body is glucose).

So once your body has absorbed the vitamins and minerals from the fruit it has to processed/ changed into a fat.


But the main concern about eating too much fruit when your primary goal is to lose weight is the insulin spike or the energy spike your body has to deal with.


Watch the video on Insulin here


Now natural sugar is better than processed sugar, But …….

 It’s still sugar.

 So for all of those ladies and gents that are being told to eat as much fruit as you like as its sin free from your diet club leader, just be a little conscious about how much you actually consume.

If it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is.

My recommendation for weight loss would be max 3 portions a day


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