The ‘quadriceps femoris’ (quads, quadriceps) is a large muscle group that includes the 4 muscles on the front of the thigh. It is the group of muscles that extend (straighten) the knee, forming a large fleshy area covering the front and sides of the femur (thigh bone). They are vital in walking, running, jumping and squatting. Because the rectus femoris attaches to the ilium it is also a flexor of the hip. The quadriceps play a vital role in stabilising the patella and the knee joint during gait, in particular the vastus medialis.

The rectus femoris is the most superficial muscle of the quadriceps with the other 3 lying deeper.The vastus muscles cover the inside (vastus medialis) and the outside (vastus lateralis) whereas the vastus intermedius sits below the rectus femoris. Overly tight quads can create an imbalance in the muscular system and can result in poor posture, lower back pain and injuries to the hips and knees. Hopefully you should be seeing a pattern in the muscles rb5 have chosen to trigger point…they are all major muscle groups that can hinder posture and inflict lower back pain .

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