Following last weeks brief introduction to Trigger Point Therapy and foam rolling, this week we will be covering each of the six main sites that impact on everyday people…just like YOU! The first area is the lower leg – in particular the Soleus (located below the main bulk of the calf).

This is a problem area due to a variety of things but the most common cases are found in females who wear high heels regularly. Wearing high heels shortens the muscles in the lower leg for long periods of time and this inhibits the muscle’s ability to lengthen to a full range of motion (ROM). This area is also problematic for runners who have poor or inefficient running patterns, like myself, and tend to run on their toes for a sustained period of time. If you have poor flexibility this turns into poor stability which in the end turns into pain and injury. Try the following techniques

  • Roll up and down the muscle until you find a tender point
  • Hold and apply pressure with the other foot directly onto the trigger point
  • Flex your toes towards your body to lengthen the muscle
  • Push the toes away to get deeper into the belly of the muscle
  • Repeat x3 on each leg

Click the link to see the demonstration


Foam Rolling The Lower Leg

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