The second key area is one of the most important and is the strongest muscle group in the body “the glutes” (or bum muscles to you!). These are broken down into the gluteus maximus (the biggest muscle that sits on top of the rest), gluteus medius (located to the side) and gluteus minimus (located underneath and is a smaller muscle)



Most people’s glutes are an under active muscle group.

If they are tight or weak it can lead to knee and back pain. By using foam rolling/trigger point therapy to target your glutes you can iron out any major knots of tight spots to increase your range of motion.

This can also act as a ‘slap in the face’ to wake the sleeping muscles up and kick them into action. The most common areas of tightness tend to be located to the side of the bum cheek or in the meatier part. To effectively foam roll or trigger point follow rb5’s steps.

  • Roll up and down,left and right on the muscle until you find a tender point
  • Hold and apply pressure, if more pressure is required lift the leg off the ground
  • Make little circles on the roller/ball
  • Repeat x3 on each side





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