Are you setting big goals for 2015? These might be to get in great shape for your wedding or a beach holiday, Or fix those niggling injuries once and for all. Either way, we want to help you reach your goals and that’s best achieved by seeking out the best personal trainer in Nottingham. So we thought it would be a good idea to give our expert tips on what you should look for in a personal trainer.

1.A great trainer should ensure you’re training and eating optimally, and that you’re consistently motivated to achieve that very important and achievable goal. Eating habits are difficult to break so small but effective steps towards

establishing long lasting habits should be explained.

2.Finding the best personal trainer in Nottingham often begins with a friend .If a friend, colleague or family-member has already invested in a personal trainer and is happy with the service and results their trainer gives them, ask them for an introduction. Every decent personal trainer in Nottingham should offer you time to discuss your goals for FREE. You will be much more likely to find yourself happier with somebody who isn’t an entire stranger to you.

3.Create a great professional relationship with you sometimes the job of your trainer is to convince you to do things you might otherwise avoid (e.g. getting up an hour earlier to prepare your meals for the day or saying ‘no’ to the good stuff)

so it is vital that you ‘click’ with your personal trainer.

4.In order to guarantee that you achieve your goals we have a 5 step system we follow target, assess, plan, action and reassessment .A great personal trainer in Nottingham will have various systems in place to manage important factors like

movement and fitness screening, body measurements and programming, if they don’t then they will not be a good choice.


We’ve all unfortunately seen examples of crappy trainers; this so-called ‘personal trainer’ is normally seen barking orders at red-faced clients or has a 1 size fits all approach to training clients, the clue is in the job title PERSONAL trainer. You deserve only the best personal trainer in Nottingham, so definitely seek advice from an expert but observe and ask to see their previous clients results and observe the trainer ‘in action’.


In order to ensure that you’re getting the very best out of your personal trainer in Nottingham, make sure to arrange a face-to-face meeting first, and ask the trainer to bring along examples of their various systems, as well as recent testimonials from both current and past clients. Most importantly your personal trainer must be passionate about helping your achieve your goals and what they do If you really want to take the guesswork out of finding the best personal trainer in Nottingham contact us at 07969 696912 to arrange your free fitness consultation at Nottingham’s most exclusive Personal Training Studio, rb5


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