Peripheral Heart Action Training For Fast Fat Loss Training

PHA training or peripheral heart action training is a form of circuit training made popular in America designed to give you a more beneficial workout for fat loss as opposed to traditional circuit training.

What’s the problem with circuit training?

Many traditional circuits may include multiple movements of the same limbs or muscle groups

Example circuit: Body weight Squats, Body Weight Lunges, Step ups, Jumps

The problem with performing a circuit in this type of order is that unless you are an advanced trainer it is more than likely that you will not be able to perform all 4 of these exercises weighted, consecutively without fatiguing or having to stop for a rest prior to completing the circuit.

Now this is okay for cardiac health and some fat burning response, but in order to promote muscle growth, build strength, and burn fat at the same time to a greater degree. All the movements performed would need to be performed ideally above a 50% one repetition max (the maximum weight you can lift for one rep), so pretty damn heavy.

How is PHA Training different?

PHA Training first involves a cardio based activity such as rowing or skipping at a high intensity designed to raise your heart beat to an anaerobic training zone(Where you find it difficult to hold a conversation).

PHA differs in that Movements are programmed so that alternate groups of muscles are worked throughout the circuit. This way, heavier weights can be lifted and the muscles allowed to recover briefly whilst the sequential movement is completed.

Example PHA Circuit: 1000m Row, Back Squat (legs) Barbell Row(back), Barbell Lunge (legs), Over- head press (shoulders)

Notice how this is a lower body exercise followed by a upper body exercise, the more exercises included the harder the workout.

This type of design will be just as challenging as a traditional circuit, but will deliver greater results in a shorter period of time.

Remember! Train Smart as well as Hard!

Look out for the next blog on designing and progressing your programs….

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