Do you really want it?


I want this blog to be actioned not just read, so I will be asking you a few questions that NEED to be answered before you move on to the next question.

 When we set out our goals for our health and fitness journey, we tend to get the motivation and idea of the goal from what other people have achieved or are working towards.

Our actual ambition and end goal is somewhat decided by what your peers or social media tells you what you should do/look like. Hence why 70% of people never achieve them?

So what is your goal?

Lose weight? Get a 6 pack? Run a half marathon?

So my questions to you is ……

Do you really want it?

Or have you been brain washed into trying to fit in.

See if your wanting to have a flatter belly and more of a defined body are you willing to make the sacrifices that is needed.


Check out our video on Sacrifice.

If your wanting to run a half marathon are you willing to give up a day at your weekend to get the miles in as well as your additional runs too?

And most importantly

Do you enjoy it?

When you decide on what your goal is, try this little exercise

On a piece of paper write PRO’s and on the otherside CON’s

Now list every pro and con you can towards that goal if the pros out way the cons , then you have the right goal for you

Then ask yourself

“Why is this important to me?”

Really use the emotion behind it for example

You have always been the overweight one in your friendship group and its time to change this!

Now do you really want it?

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