Breakfast on the go!

Three high protein great tasting breakfast’s on the go, with a healthy ratio of carbohydrates and fats in under 10 minutes for mornings on the go!

Depending on the amount of food (calories) you require daily, tailor the quantity of the ingredients to portion size you need.


High protein porridge – Goal = For high intensity days or recovery

1 packet of instant porridge

1 scoop of flavoured Whey protein powder

¼ cup of ground Almonds

1 tsp of cinnamon

Pour oats, whey protein and cinnamon into a bowl add hot water mix to the consistency you desire and top with almonds.



Chocolate, peanut butter and almond protein bar – Goal = Replace sweet snacks with this to increase your protein intake

½ cup of skimmed milk or almond milk (optional)

half a jar of nut butter

1 tsp Honey

1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder

2 cups dry oats

1 tsp cinnamon


Place the nut butter, honey and milk in a sauce pan.

Slowly warm over low heat.

Add the protein powder and cinnamon and stir to blend.

Add the uncooked oats and warm the mixture enough so it’s easy to stir, does not cook the mixture. Add Milk if the mixture is too thick.

Press the Mix into a 10” x 12” pan, baste with coconut oil to avoid sticking.

Leave the bars out to cool.

Cut the finished product into 12-16 servings and refrigerate to store.



Scrambled egg and veggies on toast (if on a weight loss diet remove the bread)

Place 2 eggs in a microwaveable container.

Add a splash of skimmed milk and stir until blended

Chop and experiment with a variety of your favourite veggies,(chopped tomatoes and peppers taste great) or even place on top a bed of veg

Cook the eggs on the stove (time constraint use a microwave for 60 seconds)

Add the veggies to the mix and stir

Cook the mix for another 60 – 90 seconds

Toast one slice of granary bread (use a very light spread if you desire but avoid margarine).




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