Macro breakdown and body shape

Our goals in the gym vary from person to person likewise, does our body shape. People come in different shapes and sizes and will have different goals. People are usually put in the brackets of:

–   Ectomorph (typically skinny – doesn’t gain weight easily)  

Mesomorph (naturally strong – gains muscle easily)  

Endomorph (soft and round body – gains fat easily)  

You may be looking at the list and thinking that you are somewhere in between 2 of the body shapes which is natural. You may be naturally skinny and strong, but you may struggle to gain weight/muscle.  

Now most people have heard of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) but people are still unsure as to what percentage of these macros they should be eating. Here we are going to give you a breakdown of the percentage of each macronutrient approximation that you should be aiming for with the body type category you come under.  

Ectomorph Carbohydrates: 55% Protein: 25% Fats: 20% High carbohydrate tolerance
Mesomorph Carbohydrates: 40% Protein: 30% Fats: 30% Moderate carbohydrate tolerance
Endomorph Carbohydrates: 25% Protein: 35% Fats: 40% Low carbohydrate tolerance


As you can see people who gain weight easily are encouraged to eat a lower carbohydrate diet due to their body’s tolerance. Carbohydrates elicit an insulin response (whereas fats don’t) and raise blood glucose levels, leading to this glucose being transferred into glycogen. This is then stored in the liver and muscles as energy. However, when these stores are full the excess glucose is then stored as body fat.  

Remember these percentages are on a guideline basis and won’t be the right formula for everybody.  

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