Now we all have a goal we wish to achieve, whether it’s weight loss or a fitness related goal. Here at rb5 Nottingham, our personal trainers are here to help you achieve these goals.

You may think the best way to achieve these goals is to go all out and visit the gym for long workouts, 7 days a week. However it is vitally important to periodize your training to avoid overtraining.

Overtraining can be defined as exceeding the body’s recovery capacity, indicated by excessive fatigue both physical and mental and resulting in impaired performance.

Quickly fatigued muscles, involuntary contractions, the muscles feel shorter and weaker are just few to name, however, overtraining is a serious condition that can take a long period of time to overcome. This leads to staleness in your training and progression meaning that you be at a standstill and your training can regress

At rb5 Nottingham, our clients’ personal training sessions will be periodized to save overtraining occurring. When talking about overtraining, it’s easy to think of fatigued muscles being the culprit, but if we take a deeper look into it, the central nervous system (CNS) plays a pivotal role in our training schedules and with a fatigued CNS, weaker impulses to the muscles will occur, leading to a weaker output.

We all have odd session where we will feel weaker than our previous training session, right? Well that can be due to the CNS being in a state of fatigue and continuous abuse to the CNS can cause overtraining.

Overtraining can be detrimental to your progression and can take a long time to overpass this state.

Overtraining can be caused by doing too much working out, especially heavy compound exercises to failure too often.

Clients of rb5 Nottingham are advised by our personal trainers to have rest periods and download weeks to enable their body to fully recover and avoid the effects of overtraining.

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