Does this sound familiar?

Lunchtime comes and you grab a sandwich from the office cafeteria as that is the only healthy option available to you.

You say to your self “I’ll bring food with me tomorrow”

Tomorrow comes and you were just too tired after, working late to prepare your food and the same thing happens as the previous day.

This cycle continues and the plateau in your weight loss continues.


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You need some organisation and planning in your life.

Here are our 5 top tips for preparation

           1.Shopping list/Menu

Like any good Chef they know what ingredients they need by having a menu . This is a great way of using up all the left overs and preparing you for the week ahead.

Start with basic meals and then when you start to do this regularly start to vary the meals up a little.


           I highly recommend splitting your shopping trips into 1 big shop, meat, veg, household products etc. and then 1 small trip which is more fresh vegetables and top            ups for the week.

My recommended days would be Sunday (big Shop) and Wednesday top up (I highly recommend getting this delivered so the excuses do not happen)

           3.Side Salad Prep

Think like a Chef the salad is the garnish ,but a very important part to any meal, why not prepare your side salad/veg into a big bulk so you can just grab this as and when you need it.

Once you have done just pop the lid or cling film back on it.

4.Bulk Make Meals

Once you know what you are eating I would pick a day you have more time (Sunday) and spend a little time bulk making your food such as a chilli, curry etc. This will eliminate the excuses of “I can’t be bothered to cook”. This is ideal for the late finish’s at work.

5.Portable protein/Food (finger food etc. )

           There is nothing worse than awkward moments in the office when you pull out your Tupperware of smelly food and everybody around you disappears, when you              start digging into your snacks.

I suggest thinking a little outside the box with portable proteins/foods such as small canapé sized snacks. My favourite is smoked salmon with feta inside.


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