1. 1. Set your training goals!

Aim High with a Big Goal. What do you want to of achieved by this time next year? Then break it down into smaller targets/timeframes for example where do you want to be in the summer? What do you want to do/be by the end of January? Write these down and put them somewhere you will the see them daily. We do this with all of our personal training clients, which keeps them laser focused.

  1. 2. Be sure to tell somebody your goals and make them public

Were here to do our very best in assisting you reach your Goals, it is a well known fact that support from others improves commitment and helping Nottingham residents to become happier and healthier is what we do. Share your goals on our Twitter and Facebook page and our expert personal trainers will give you the advice you need.  

  1. 3. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Aim to progress throughout the year, not to do everything in the first week of January i.e. going from 0 gym sessions to 5. It’s very easy to over commit, burden yourself with too many new commitments and then crash leaving yourself feeling frustrated. Make an effort to create a new habit, for example making sure you hit all your workouts for the week. When this is becoming regular and part of your normal routine, create a new habit i.e. making sure you drink enough water daily or eating enough protein. Build these habits in progressively and over time they will be come easy for you to maintain and you will wonder why it ever seemed a challenge. If your struggling to get to grips with this speak to a personal trainer (this should be a free service)

  1. 4. Don’t be afraid of lifting heavy weights! (Mainly for the females)

By heavy we mean the heaviest you can perform a movement whilst maintaining proper form and full ranges of movement. Contrary to many myths heavy weights will not make women bulky and manly. They will however;

  • burn more calories in a shorter space of time than endless hours of cardio
  • leave your body’s metabolism running at an elevated rate for hours after your workout has finished,
  • build quality, lean and defined muscles that require more calories to be maintained daily

All of which mean you can eat more and more and still develop the body you desire, after all we all like to eat! Ever wondered why you always see personal trainers delivering personal training sessions in the weights room and not pounding the treadmill? Monkey see monkey do.

  1. 5. Do what you enjoy the most

There are of course faster ways to achieve goals than others, but your enjoyment is crucial to your LONG TERM progression. Tell us the activities and types of exercises you enjoy the most and our personal training team will post a few workouts on social media that get outstanding results for our personal training clients for you to try. We know how so many of you love burpees and prowler sprints so we wouldn’t want you to leave them out.

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