This time of year my Facebook newsfeed and gyms all around the world are filled with highly motivated individuals, who are pounding the treadmills and preparing healthy meals.


What if i was to tell you that the highly motivated people that are doing endless hours of exercise per week and eating like a rabbit will actually be fatter this year than last year?

Here are my Top 5 reasons why people will fail at their weight loss goals this year.


1.Unrealistic Expectations

If you hate running and you get out of breath brushing your teeth, but have woken up on new years day and one of your goals is to run a marathon in 4 weeks time, you would say that is a crazy target(well at least i hope you would)

This is the same thing with weight loss , if you have gained 2-3 stone of a year, its going to take longer than 2 months to lose the weight, but most importantly keep it off for good.

Yes, there are some diets that will tell you that you will lose this without a problem.

But think about it like this…

What was the reason you put the weight on in the first place?




Poor Eating habits?


Your lifestyle has to change not just your diet and food.

So be realistic and patient if you really want to make it work this time.


2.Low exercising habit – Gym bunny within a week

I love the motivation and atmosphere gyms have in January with all of the classes full and people working hard. But if you are a newbie you need to start slowly otherwise injuries will happen.

When you are taking up a new habit such as the gym it’s important to build up slowly , I recommend 2-3 sessions per week working the whole body if you have been absent from the gym for 6 weeks or more.



My biggest pet hate are January Diets!

All of the diet clubs are full with the same faces year in year out and most of the time the same faces  were there last year to (usually in the same place or even worse)

A diet should be something that you can stick to and fit within your lifestyle.

i highly recommend downloading our stop the diet PDF to discover some little tricks that will make dieting so much easier.

If you are constantly on a low-calorie diet and starving yourself of certain food groups (usually fat or carbs) then you will lose weight in the beginning, but after a while your weight will plateau or you may gain weight.

We see this far too often with clients that have come to us . The more people exercise the more food you will need to fuel your body,so low calories will not work .

4.No Rest

This ties in with number 2, overtraining is the killer of motivation try and have a day off in between training days.

If you are just starting out or if you are training regularly and you goal is weight loss no more than 2 consecutive days of training.

5.Quick fix

I hate gym/diet jumpers you will know somebody who has tried every workout and diet under the sun , but still looks the same and is no closer to their goals.

If you really want to make a healthier change to your life google articles and visit websites of a professional like a personal trainer or a nutritionist for a long term solution not a quick fix.


If you do any of the above points



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