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We have worked with hundreds of clients who have always struggled with weight loss and the same problems always come up when they first start with us.


So here they are



1.Eat as much fruit as you like, its natural sugar

Sugar is sugar you can get better forms of sugar however sugar is sugar.

In most types of fruits, the sugar contents is made up of fructose which the body cannot process directly as energy and has to store as fat first.

Your body will absorb all of the natural vitamins and minerals in the fruit but the sugar will not help your waistline.

So my advice is do not eliminate fruit from your diet, but be aware of how much you are actually eating.


2.Don’t Eat Fat

I am pretty confident saying this, that every client that comes to us with weight loss as the goal have a fear of fat due to the countless diets they have been on.

What you need to know about fat is that it is higher in calories so portion control is a must, good sources are avocado, butter, nuts, seeds. Cooking oils are great to use but certain cooking oils such as sunflower oil or olive oil have a low cooking temperature meaning if cooked at a too high temperature these will turn into a bad fat. My suggestion for cooking oils are coconut and avocado oil.

Without fats in out diets we will be losing the essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that are essential for weight loss.


3.Zero calorie and low calorie drinks are good for you

Something that sounds too good to be true is most likely is going to be.

How can something such as a fizzy drink have zero calories in, but taste better than water?

The reason why is that artificial chemicals are used to sweeten the taste and clever marketing make us believe we can drink as much as we want and lose weight in the process.

A little bit of common sense needs to be adhered to here , if you want to lose weight or change shape you need to cut out or at least drastically reduce fizzy drinks in your diet.

The chemical in these so called diet drinks usually have chemicals in them that actually poison and hinder your ability to lose weight. Restrict them as a treat.


4.Eat less move more is all I need to do (low calories Diets)

Eat less and move more = lose the love handles

Sounds like it should work, but its not that simple.

Temporally this can be a solution to seeing the number on the scales go down but overtime your actually only damaging your chances of achieving sustainable results and “The Toned body” you really desire.

A calorie deficit is needed to lose weight, but not as low as you might think, if you are wanting to burn fat not muscle you need to maintain and build lean muscle tissue through exercise and nutrition. Your muscles crave good nutrition and in most aspects need more than what you are providing.

If I was to eat 1000-1200 calories a day, but burn off 1000 calories just moving around, digesting food, thinking and other day to day activities. Then on top of that do a boot camp class, I will be  -600 calories which leaves nothing for you to repair your body with .

You can get away with this for a period of time but one day you will crack and the diet goes  out of the window.Not to mention a high level of stress, feeling tired and demotivated to continue.

Start by exercising sensibly but gradual increase your calories to match you energy demands e.g average workout will burn 400-500 calories replace this with a snack or post workout meal


5.Weighing yourself daily

Your weight will change hourly, daily weekly monthly and yearly.

Depending on what time of the day you weigh yourself you can lose weight or gain weight.

The scales are one tool that can be used to monitor your progress, however I would restrict this to be every 2 weeks at the most and ensure that this is done at the same time on the same day.

Use a more motivating tool and accurate tool such as body measurements, body fat assessment and my favourite is progress pictures every 4 weeks.

This is where you will see the massive difference over time.


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