Getting fit is actually pretty simple…


If you eat well and do regular exercise you will lose weight tone up, feel better and just generally enjoy life more.


BUT, and it’s a big BUT, the reality is that most people don’t ever achieve the results they want. They either get stuck in a cycle of dieting fads or they go the other route – ‘hit the gym’ and it lasts about 3 weeks before they hurt themselves, get frustrated, have no real idea what they are doing and as such all that drive and determination just withers away.

Well, here at RB5 in Nottingham we have had enough and we are going to change it. We are not on a mission, because everyone talks about their mission and it means nothing – but we do have a purpose.

We are going to help the people of Nottingham lose weight, feel better and get the body THEY want to have.

We know from experience that most people fail their fitness goals in the first 30 days because they start to make what are big changes without any kind of plan for what that actually means or they just go so “hard” at it that it’s unsustainable and they lose the willpower to keep it.

That’s why we have created the 30 Day Checklist. We’ve used our experience of helping 100’s of Nottinghamshire people achieve the state of health they want.

It’s not a silver bullet or a complete solution – it’s written to give you a proper plan to help you work out what you really want to achieve and what your starting point needs to be.

If you are someone who:

  • Is fed up of just not achieving the body and the feeling of health you want
  • Has tried all the diets but nothing has changed
  • Previously worked with personal trainers or joined gyms only for them to be expensive mistake…

Then this guide is for you.

Real FACTUAL advice and guidance about how to finally get a fitness and a health routine that stick.

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