“Ricky has a real talent for getting the best out of people. He encourages and motivates me to do more and more and I am feeling terrific. The weight is falling off and there are real muscles appearing instead of the flabby bits. I now go to the gym (RB5) twice a week, have lost 2 dress sizes so far and gained a lot of self-respect.

Meet Carolyn Mcculough

Carolyn’s weight had ballooned to its highest ever amount, which made her dropped her self esteem. She couldn’t even look at the mirror only to see that dry, stressed skin and that rosacea running out of control. She had her both knees replaced and osteoarthritis was creeping into other joints, so she found that exercise was an impossible thing to do after all.

She made that life-changing phone call and arranged a meeting with Ricky, who showed her the programme and cheered her up. She then tried boxing and couldn’t help but enjoy going to the gym even more.

She commended Ricky’s talent for getting the best out of people. Ricky is naturally encouraging and motivating enough for the members to feel at ease and confident. After going to rB5 twice a week, she lost 2 dress sizes and earned massive self-respect.

Before and After

carol Before and After

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