Online Personal Training

Why offer an online training service?

When it comes to training, be it to lose weight or to get better at a particular sport, the reason most people do not achieve the results they seek is lack of direction and most of the time a lack of knowledge on how to train properly.

Some will seek a solution to this through personal training, however for a variety of reasons, not everyone will consider investing in that kind of service.

Most will end up following generalised programs that can prove ineffective and sometimes even damaging.

This is why I decided to set up my online one to one training service.

At a fraction of the cost of face to face personal training with me, you can tap into my experience and knowledge, wherever you are located.

Together we will create the path towards achieving your very own goals, avoiding the cookie cutter programs and saving you time and potential injuries in the process.

Just like with regular PT, In the name of a solid and successful client-trainer relationship, I like to meet in person with prospective clients, to have a good chat about your goals and find out if we are a good fit.

The meeting is not necessarily carried out in the flesh, but can be done using Skype instead.

What can you expect online training with me?

  • Exercise programs delivered via e-mail or sharing folders like or Google Sheets or Dropbox.
  • Videos to explain the workouts
  • Coaching time via Skype, phone, Facebook Messenger, etc. to explain exercises, talk about nutrition or work on mind-set. (Up to 60 min x month)

As one of my personal training clients you can expect my full support on all aspects of your training: physical, mental and nutritional.

The physical aspect will be covered by tailored programming of your exercise schedule.

This will be built around your needs and goals and keeping in account the equipment you have available. This mean that the online programming will work for you whether you have access to a gym or prefer training at home or outdoors

The mental aspect involves the use of methods to help you understand which goals really make you tick up and the use of supportive coaching strategies to keep you on track and understand the behaviours needed to keep moving towards them.

This is far more important than most people understand, because ultimately it is the change in everyday behaviours that will create the conditions needed for exercise and diet to have a long-term impact

The nutritional aspect will see work on your food where and when needed. I do not believe in a “do this, not that” approach to food for the same reason I do not believe in generalised exercise programs. We are all different and we understand and respond to alterations in diet differently

The investment for the on-line personal training is just £ 45.99 x month.

If all of the above sounds like what you are looking for, then don’t hesitate!

Pick the phone up now and call 07 896 119 695 or 0115 950 7431.

Alternatively email me at

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