Double Kettlebell Complex: excellent for fat-loss, conditioning and saving time!

Personal training Nottingham Double kettlebell complex   YouTube

Here’s one of my favourite workouts. I enjoy it as it is fast (6 x 2 minute rounds is what I generally recommend) and to the point. It challenges all the major muscles of the body and it makes the

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Stay injury-free by warming up properly & mobilizing your joints

Joint mobility routine

Do you want to stay injury free and able to make the most of your time exercising? Then I cannot stress enough the importance of a thorough joint mobility routine as part of warming up. Most people in my experience just

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The 7 sins of health and fitness – part 7 “Knowing but not doing”

Bruce Lee had it all figured out, an action taker if ever there was one!

So here we are, the final chapter of our exploration of the most common mistakes people make in their pursuit of fitness and health (if you have missed any of the others just click on one of these links: part

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The 7 sins of health & fitness – part 6: “Working out instead of training”


Working out and training are NOT the same thing. People that work out do not really follow a plan. They just exercise, most of the time hoping it will do them some good. It does initially, anything works to begin

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The 7 sins of health and fitness – part 5: “The fear of bulking up” and “The curse of the gym mirror”


So here we are the 5th instalment of the “health and fitness sins”, and I believe this one to be very common and counter-productive. The “fear of bulking up” affects a great deal of women, meaning that not many ladies lift

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The 7 sins of health and fitness – part 4: DIY fitness


“90% of people who joins gyms health clubs DO NOT achieve results.” Shocking don’t you agree? I first heard this statistic years ago whilst working for one of the biggest health club in Nottingham. I do not how exact that

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The 7 sins of health and fitness – part 3:“Going on a diet”


So here we are with part 3 of the series.(In case you missed the previous two posts you can check the out here: “Failure to launch“ and “I want it all, I want it now”  This time we will be

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Change…one step at the time does it…

Kaizen kanji symbol

Have you ever wished for things to be different yet felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task required to bring about a change? It can often feel very daunting. This goes for any kind of change, financial, personal and

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A few tips to improve your performance at the Robin Hood half this year

Ikano Robin hood half marathon

Spring IS coming, although currently our British weather might not be in agreement! With spring out come the runners, I have spotted plenty already around the streets of Nottingham and neighboring areas Like every year, many of these local runners will

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The 7 sins of health and fitness – part 2: “ I want it all, I want it now.How not to set goals ”

Stepping stones

As I have explained in the first post of this series, ( if you missed it you can click here to read it! ) the most important thing to do when beginning the journey into changing fat-loss or any other

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